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AgriNous has developed an app that seamlessly facilitates real time processing of Livestock sales.

Used by Livestock Agents in the field and back office to significantly reduce the need of paper based records whilst maintaining full compliance with all regulatory requirements – Including the recent Victorian Government introduction of mandatory EID tagging in sheep.

What our clients say

“OLE are very excited to be working with AgriNous. The roll out of YardNous has streamlined our operation and at the same time it has provided full compliance to the Victorian Government eID scanning program. The easy to use software with real time multi-device sycnronsiation (without wifi needed) is fantastic. Combine this with the great onsite support, it gives both us as a sale yard operator and the stock agents confidence that AgriNous will help provide significant efficiency gains to the whole sector”.
Prue Lynch
Saleyard Manager, Ouyen Livestock Exchange
“AgriNous is very easy to use, even for an old bloke like me” – Andrew McIllree, DMD
“After only a few pens AgriNous is quicker than the card” – Will, DMD
“Its so easy that the stockies are embracing new technology much quicker than we thought – Sally Ison, DMD
“Re-Penning in the tablet is faster than using a card” – Brock Quick, DMD
“On the busy days this will save us 45 mins to an hour writing up the book before the sale” – Vince Muscat, DMD
DMD Team
Driscol McIllree & Dickinson, Horsham, Nhill & Stawell

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